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Reza Samani

Daf, Kuzeh and Tombak

Born in 1977 in Iran, Reza Samani learned to play Tombak and Daf from his brother, Behnam Samani by the age of ten. By twelve, he learned to play a wide array of woodwind instruments including Sorna, Karna and Neyanban from renowned Iranian mas-ters Khodadad Gholami, Ruzali and Mahmud Sharifi. He has performed with world-renowned musicians such as Rahmatollah Badii, Hossein Alizadeh and Konstantin Wecker in various international music projects.

As a soloist and ensemble player in the music groups ZARBANG, Ensemble Samani, Rumi Ensemble and Tom-Ta-Ka Ensemble, he has toured extensively in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Reza Samani has performed in the Percussion Festival in London, Iranian Music Festival in Munich, Villas de Verano in Madrid, the Ruhr Triennale, the Silk Road Festival in Hong Kong and recently in the 2010 Sounds of Arabia in Abu Dahbi.

He has performed in many prestigious concert halls and for renowned radio stations such as WDR and SWR. Based in Cologne, Germany, Reza Samani has been teaching Tombak and Daf for several years throughout Germany and Europe and is an appreciated teacher for workshops and at festivals.

Joss Turnbull

Riqq, Tombak playing middle eastern drums such as Tombak, Zarb Zurkhane, Mazahr and Reqq. Introduced to Iranian percussion by Mohammed Reza Mortazavi the Iranian goblet drum Tombak became the center piece of his artistic work. His sound ranges from minimalistic musical explorations of one instrument through fingers, palms, fingernails, sticks, tuning forks, brushes and rubber to more extreme and raw soundscapes, supplemented by electronics. Over the years concerts as a soloist and as a member of international acclaimed ensembles have taken him to world wide Festivals such as Shubbak Festival at the Barbican hall in London, Irtijal for experimental music in Lebanon 2015, Al Hamra Theatre Damascus, Tarek Atoui’s Revisiting Tarab at the Sharjah Art Foundation UAE, Jazzfestival Albania, Goethe Tour in Sudan, Eritrea and Jordania, Jazzfest Berlin a.o. He Released his first Solo Album "Isturnbull" in 2013 which was presented at "Deutschland Radiokultur" who call him „…the most promising and fascinating german percussionist of his generation“. 2014 he received an award for Solo artists in his hometown Mannheim, Germany. 2019 he is awarded with the Kathrin-Preis Scholarship for Young Jazz Improvisers by the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt.

Nora Thiele

Frame Drums a master on frame drums and one of the leading percussionists in Europe. Her play stands for a highly sensitive unique sound and creative virtuosity in the field of World Percussion. In different formations between early music, Middle eastern styles, jazz, improvisation and contemporary music; she builds bridges between cultures, genres and epochs. With more than 1000 concerts, she toured as a soloist, guest musician and with her own bands through Europe, the Middle East and China. Nora studied ethnic percussion, drum set and the piano at music conservatory in Leipzig. She was raised in an artist family and composes music for her own projects. Since 2013 she is the Artistic Director of the Playgroundfestival Weimar. Internationally, Nora Thiele is highly regarded for her precise and sensitive pedagogy and teaches courses at festivals and conservatories regularly. With her 20 year lasting experience, she has developed her own rhythm method – GLOBAL RHYTHM FLOW. In respect of traditions, innovative concepts are derived and facilitate modern creativity. Nora is thrilled by cooperations with other art forms such as theater, dance, art, film and literature. She is convinced that borders are imaginary, and that there is nothing better than music to make it possible to experience how much everything in the world is connected to each other – people, religions, identities, continents, cultures, epochs.

Luca Rossi


Luca Rossi is an Italian percussionist, author and performer of the folk music of Southern Italy, one of the bestknown tammorra and tamburello players in Italy. He specializes in the techniques and styles of different kinds of frame drums which belong to the Mediterranean.
Luca Rossi studied ethnomusicology at the Department of Music and Performing Arts in Bologna. He has performed extensively in the Italian popular music scene and in international ethnic music.
He teaches in various music academies and regularly holds workshops and trainings for frame drums in world music meetings. In 2011 he published the book „Tammorra – Italian frame drums“ which has been distributed worldwide.
Luca Rossi takes part in various festivals of ethnic music both nationally and internationally. He performs his solo program worldwide, recently mostly in France, Germany, Armenia, Bulgaria, Senegal, Tunisia, Marocco, Thailand, Portugal, and Spain.
Besides performing, Luca also composes songs. During his career as a soloist, he has recorded 3 albums and in 2021 wrote his first biography, telling the story of his life until now with a drum in his hands.

Thórralf Schuh


... was born in 1966, he showed his interest for drumming at an early age. Since 1995 he teaches the Irish Frame Drum  in individualised and group teachings, weekend workshops and had been honoured to present the bodhrán on many drum festivals. Tamburi Mundi, European Frame Drummers Meeting and of course DrummingHoliday are important events to be mentioned. As one of the first in Germany he published a website on this subject and a book featuring 100 celtic drum patterns. Influences from other drums of the mediterranian and oriental region and the work with mentally ill within drum circles show their effect during his tutoring. Since 2005 he leads a drum circle in a workshop for disabled. Beside all that he is taking care of this official homepage.